June 20, 2016

Our Mini-Theme: White-Collar Crime

A.J. Bosco

The White-Collar Crime Committee is proud to present the mini-theme for this issue of Business Law Today. We are one of the newer BLS committees but also one of the faster growing ones. Since the beginning of 2015 our membership has increased by more than 30 percent. Targeted outreach, better opportunities for committee participation, new subcommittees, our committee newsletter and great meetings have help propel that growth.

This issue of Business Law Today features four articles written by committee members. I am particularly pleased that three of the four articles are authored or coauthored by some of our newer members. The opportunity to write articles for Business Law Today is one way their committee participation tangibly adds to their professional development.

Our four articles are:

  • Calculation of Losses and Required Sentences in White Collar Crimes—Are You Considering All Factors, coauthored by committee member Nitasha Giardina, which discusses the use of a combination of damage theory and U.S. Sentencing Guidelines to calculate white collar crime related losses;
  • Recent Government Policies Deputize Companies to Root Out Global Corruption, by committee members Jonathon Forman and Samuel Light, which offers advise on practical steps that companies with international operations should take to protect against the occurrence of FCPA violations by strengthening their compliance and ethics programs;
  • How Multijurisdictional Bribery Enforcement Enhances Risks for Global Enterprises, by committee member Lindsay Arrieta, which is an in-depth look at the challenges multijurisdictional anticorruption enforcement pose to global companies; and
  • Encryption for Lawyers, by committee members Daniel Garrie and Rick Borden, an extremely timely analysis of why lawyers can’t afford not to be concerned about encryption.

A.J. Bosco

A.J. Bosco
Chair, White-Collar Crime Committee