June 20, 2016

Inside Business Law (June 2016)

Committee E-Newsletters – Your Lifeline to Substantive Content

The Business Law Section’s committee newsletters are a content treasure chest for members. The range and output of content is truly amazing. Consider the following:

  • A total of 48 committee e-newsletters were published since September 2015.
  • At least 27 committees have 2–3 newsletters published each year.
  • This year the very first edition of the law student newsletter specifically for law student members was published.
  • Newsletters are highly popular in the months of September and April, right before the Business Law Section meetings.

Here are some highlights from recent past issues.

Business and Corporate Litigation Committee Newsletter (Business and Corporate Litigation)

In the May issue, features include an article on “Protections of the Newly Enacted Defend Trade Secrets Act” by Michael T. Renaud, Bret A. Cohen, and Nicholas W. Amington; and “Getting Involved As a Young Lawyer” by Sasha Francis. The issue also contains subcommittee reports by the following: Business Litigation, Business Divorce, Business Torts, Communications and Technology, Membership, Securities Law, and Trial Practice.

Access the newsletter here.

CGC in Sight (Corporate Governance)

Three main features are highlighted in the May issue: “Tackling Common Sources of Error in the Boardroom,” “SEC Urges Scrutiny on ‘Unicorn’ Valuations,” and “NACD Releases Report on Compliance and Ethics Programs.” This issue also covers committee news, congressional legislation, SEC, self-regulatory organizations, Delaware law, international news, investor and business organizations, and selected law firm memoranda. Twenty pages of superb content for the corporate governance lawyer!

Access the newsletter here.

Cyberspace Law Committee Newsletter (Cyberspace Law)

The May issue provides a link to all the programming at the 2016 BLS meeting in Montréal. An article discusses the need for authors to write sections of its annual Survey of the Law of Cyberspace. The survey appears each year in The Business Lawyer, a print publication of the ABA Business Law Section. You can take a look at last year’s survey here (ABA member sign-in required). Contributing to the survey is a great way to participate in the work of the committee as well as to showcase your expertise.

In this issue, the Cyberspace Committee is proud to announce that it is one of the original parent committees for the Section’s new Legal Analytics Joint Working Group. The working group’s mission is to explore, and educate business lawyers about, the use of math and economics in the substantive practice of business law. Chaired by Warren Agin, it will cover the impact of tools such as legal analytics, risk analysis, statistics and probability analysis, game theory, economic theory on decision making, and behavioral economics.

Subcommittee reports are provided from International Trade, Enterprise Technology, Mobile and Connected Devices, and Electronic Payments and Financial Services.

Access the newsletter here.

In Our Opinions (Legal Opinions)

In Our Opinions boasts a 40-page May issue that covers the BLS 2016 Spring Meeting, Summary of Recent Listserve Actitity, Recent Developments, and Legal Opinions Reports. Recent Developments include “Implications of the European Bail-In Legislation for Opinions on Credit Facilities in the United States,” “Legal Advice in Connection with Risk Retention in Securitizations,” and “Opinion White Paper (Section 316(b), Trust Indenture Act).”

Access the newsletter here.

BLS Trivia Answer: In a speech to the American Sociological Society in 1939, Professor Edwin Sutherland coined the term “white-collar crime,” which he used to refer to a “crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.”