October 22, 2015

Our Mini-Theme: Recent Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation 2015

Patrick T. Clendenen

Welcome to the Business and Corporate Litigation Committee's annual mini-theme issue of Business Law Today. The Business and Corporate Litigation Committee (BCLC) is the home within the ABA Business Law Section (BLS) for lawyers, in-house counsel, judges, and law students interested in dispute resolution, including litigation, arbitration, and mediation for business clients. Our members from around the United States and beyond are 2,139 strong, making it one of the 10 largest committees in the BLS.

To join our growing committee, any BLS member may join the Committee for free here. BCLC's mission is to focus on the principal substantive areas of litigation affecting business enterprises and to promote the establishment of business courts. The Committee participates actively in the Section's Spring, Annual, and Fall Meetings, and it typically presents 12 CLE programs annually. In addition, BCLC regularly presents non-CLE programs and special events, such as the Trial Tips from the Bench Luncheon, the Woman Business and Commercial Advocates Reception, and the Annual Pro Bono and Public Service Project. Our Committee dinners are regularly cosponsored by the Judges' Initiative Committee and alternatively, by the Young Lawyer Committee.

As an additional example of what we have to offer, BCLC has, for nearly 20 years, authored the indispensable Recent Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation (formerly the Annual Review). In 1996, this volume included 11 chapters authored by 24 Committee members. This year's version is a two-volume set (with an accompanying CD-ROM), and it includes 24 chapters authored by over 200 Committee members. You can purchase it here. BCLC also publishes the Network Newsletter.

We encourage and welcome your voices and those of your clients, and we stand ready to make your participation in BCLC both meaningful and valuable. Please join us and register for the Section Fall Meeting in Washington, D.C., on November 20–21, 2015. The information for the Fall Meeting is here.

The benefits are joining BCLC are many, and your experience can be tailored to your individual practice and needs. We are an inclusive and collaborative bunch, and I hope to see you soon in our nation's capital!

Additional Resources

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Business Law Section 2015 Annual Meeting Program Materials (Co-presented by the Business and Corporate Litigation Committee) 

Achieving Digital Trust: Conquering the Last Frontier (PDF)

Autonomous Vehicles: Steering Your Client around the Legal Potholes (PDF) (Audio)

Avoiding a Train Wreck: Best Practices For Multi-Tracked Litigation, Mediation, and Arbitration (PDF) (Audio)

Cybersecurity Damages: An Overview of Economic Harm Resulting from Data Security Breaches (PDF)

E-Discovery in Consumer Financial Services Cases (PDF) (Audio)

Ethics for Lawyers on the Move (PDF) (Audio)

Game of Twitter: Litigation in the Age of the Internet (PDF) (Audio)

Gotcha: Traps for the Unwary Presented by New and Emerging Legal Issues (PDF) (Audio)

License Agreements – Do's and Dont's (PDF) (Audio)

Litigation Updates in the World of Counterfeit Chic, Blurred Lines, and the Colonel’s Secret Recipe (PDF) (Audio)

Managing and Navigating Legal Challenges for Online Gaming and Credit Card Transactions (PDF) (Audio)

Patents in Turmoil: Managing Patents in a Changing Legal and Business Landscape (PDF) (Audio)

The Consumer Class Action Is Dead, Long Live the Consumer Class Action! (PDF) (Audio)

View from the Bench and the Bar: Best Practices for Inside and Outside Counsel Partnering to Achieve Effective Case and Trial Management (PDF) (Audio) 

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Recent Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation

The 2015 edition of Recent Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation contains two volumes totaling 24 chapters spanning a broad range of substantive areas within corporate litigation. Over 170 attorneys from across the country have contributed to this publication with comments on key issues, detailed outlines, and summaries of recent cases, legislation, trends, and developments during the past year.

The two volumes are separated by specific topics in business- and litigation-focused areas. Several chapters are organized by circuit so one can compare and contrast. This title has been published over the last 19 years by the Business and Corporate Litigation Committee of the ABA Business Law Section.

Patrick T. Clendenen

Patrick T. Clendenen
Chair, Business and Corporate Litigation Committee