September 16, 2015

Inside Business Law

Did you know that Section-published books are available to members on a discounted rate on Shop ABA? This issue of “Inside Business Law” highlights books that have been published by the Business Law Section in 2015.

The Portable Bankruptcy Code & Rules 2015 Edition

This annually updated compendium provides quick access to the Bankruptcy Code and Rule provisions applicable to cases commenced on or after December 1, 2014. The Portable Bankruptcy Code & Rules is an easy-to-use reference guide featuring page tabs and complete keyword indices that guide the practitioner straight to material relevant to his or her case. The indices are useful to lawyers with diverse practices who use the Code, from the general practitioner who occasionally represents a Chapter 13 debtor, to the lawyer whose practice is almost exclusively bankruptcy-related. The 2015 Edition contains changes to the Bankruptcy Code, the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure incorporated in the Bankruptcy Rules, the Federal Rules of Evidence, and certain provisions of Titles 18 and 28 of the United States Code relating to bankruptcy.

The Portable Bankruptcy Code & Rules can be ordered here.

The ABCs of Nonprofits, Second Edition

By Lisa A. Runquist

Written for practitioners and nonprofit organizations, this unique guidebook offers a basic introduction to what a nonprofit corporation is, how it is formed, options for organizational structure, operating the corporation, basic tax issues, and much more. This updated Second Edition is written in a narrative format with a practitioner advising a client on the key steps for establishing a nonprofit corporation. Additional resources are included, plus examples of sample forms. This primer will help nonprofits and their lawyers figure out where to start, what works, what doesn’t work, and why.

This book, which is part of the ABA Nonprofit Library, can be purchased here.

Recent Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation 2015 Edition (2 Vol. Set)

The 2015 edition of Recent Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation contains two volumes totaling 24 chapters spanning a broad range of substantive areas within corporate litigation. Over 170 attorneys from across the country contributed to this publication with comments on key issues, detailed outlines, and summaries of recent cases, legislation, trends, and developments during the past year. The two volumes are separated by specific topics in business- and litigation-focused areas.

Volume 1

  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Civil Business Claims                                                      

Volume 2

  • Business Associations Law
  • Employment and Labor Law
  • Finance and Securities Litigation and Arbitration

This comprehensive resource includes the most up-to-date cases and law across the country, with several chapters organized by circuit to allow practitioners to compare and contrast. Recent Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation has been published over the last 19 years by the Business and Corporate Litigation Committee of the ABA Business Law Section.

EU Business Law

By Andre Fiebig

This comprehensive resource provides a unique and comprehensive understanding of European Union business law issues from both an analytical and practical perspective. Unique in its scope and depth, it will serve as a useful research tool for those seeking to understand a particular area of the rapidly expanding world of EU business law. This book includes: the history of the EU, the legal foundations, and the legislative process of the EU as codified in the various EU treaties; discussion of the relationship between EU law and national law as well as the framework and operation of the monetary union; numerous aspects of EU business law including internal trade, competition, external trade, insolvency, sales agents, intellectual property, and e-commerce; current legislation relevant to EU business law; comprehensive references to all the leading EU cases interpreting and applying EU business law; and a keyword index which allows the reader to quickly identify discussions of legal issues which might be contained in different chapters.

A useful reference for lawyers, academics, and students whether experienced or new to EU law, this book can be purchased here.

A Practitioner's Guide to FINRA Sanctions Analysis

By Rory C. Flynn

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc. (FINRA) is the largest, independent regulator of securities firms doing business in the United States, and part of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934’s interrelated and comprehensive system for regulating the securities markets. This book includes a comprehensive overview and practical advice to lawyers regarding one segment of FINRA’s disciplinary process – sanctions analysis, and covers the historical development of various FINRA sanctions, limitations on FINRA’s ability to impose certain sanctions, and much more. A Practitioner’s Guide to FINRA Sanctions Analysis offers a unique perspective both to experienced attorneys and attorneys new to the practice of securities regulation. This guide can be ordered here.

The Law of Truth in Lending, 2015 Supplement

Edited by Alvin C. Harrell

This 2015 supplement to The Law of Truth in Lending provides updated, comprehensive coverage of truth in lending (TIL) law through 2014. The authors are highly respected specialists in the field, and have integrated discussion of important changes in the law, with a focus on changes since 2006. The description of these changes, placed in the broader context of pre-existing law, provides a unique resource for any practitioner confronted with TIL issues or questions. The book advises practitioners on the scope and explains the issues when considering matters of TIL compliance, disclosure, remediation, and enforcement.

The Role of Independent Directors in Corporate Governance, Second Edition

By Bruce F. Dravis

Independent directors have become the focus of corporate governance and their role in the corporate environment has increased significantly. This updated Second Edition is a valuable tool for both for the attorney and the non-attorney and addresses not only the laws affecting independent directors and corporations, but also the broader context in which these laws have developed and will be interpreted. This guide provides directors – and attorneys advising directors – with information on the policies and underlying issues that shape director fiduciary duties and the other corporate governance requirements. This updated edition of Role of Independent Directors in Corporate Governance includes guidance on:

  • What the independent director should know, individually and from the company's perspective, to ensure his or her compliance with the law and to reduce his or her exposure to personal liability.
  • Shareholder's rights and responsibilities.
  • Individual securities law compliance actions.
  • The roles and actions of key committees of the board as well as the nominating process.
  • Issues regarding conflicts of interest, litigation, investigations, and similar situations in which the independent director becomes a critical corporate decision maker.

The Second Edition also includes a sample “Summary/Model Presentation Materials” in PowerPoint format for practitioners to easily reference and use as a starting point to prepare training or explanatory sessions before a board or management.

This book can be ordered here.