November 17, 2014

Our Mini-Theme: Watches and Wallets, Compliance and Rebellion: The State of Cyberspace Law

Theodore F. Claypoole

This month’s Cyberspace Law mini-theme in Business Law Today combines the timely and the timeless. Management of the Internet may be in flux, with direct consequences for American business. David Satola and Michael Kelly have been attending the most important recent ICANN meetings and provide an update of a fight for power with all the drama of a telenovela. Steve Middlebrook lends his considerable expertise in payment systems to provide pointers to lawyers whose clients want to use bitcoin for payments. Middlebrook highlights the most practical aspects of the bitcoin phenomenon and places it in the context of our already familiar current payment options. 

John Rothchild glimpses the future of Cyberspace Law as he describes our new era of connectivity and automation that some are calling the “Internet of Things.” He finds new and practical legal issues, like the regulation of self-help software options that are already changing the way automobiles are sold and the loans for them are secured. Finally, I add a meditation on the eternal concerns of protecting your most valuable assets. But now, the assets are electronic, and laws, rules, and regulations command you to protect them in specific ways.

Together, these articles demonstrate directions for the future of Cyberspace Law, colored with the split between implementing cutting-edge technology and regulating practical business matters. Enjoy the mini-theme and keep your eyes on this space. The journey continues.

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Theodore F. Claypoole