BLT: May 2012



Business & Corporate

The JOBS Act: Easing Exempt Offering Restrictions

The author discusses the specific provisions of the JOBS Act eliminating the restrictions on general solicitation and general advertising in connection with Rule 506 and Rule 144A offerings; establishing a new offering exemption under Securities Act Section 3(b) to permit companies to offer and sell up to $50 million in securities within a 12-month period; and increasing the holders of record threshold before a private company is required to register under the Exchange Act.


Business & Corporate

Inside Business Law

This column summarizes the Spring, 2012 issue of the Commercial Law Newsletter, published by the Commercial Finance and Uniform Commercial Code Committees, Spring 2012 Community Economic Development Committee Newsletter, and the Spring 2012 edition of Preferred Returns, the newsletter of the Private Equity and Venture Capital Committee. In addition, the column links to program materials from two presentations at the Business Law Section’s Spring 2012 Meeting: "A Spoonful of Sugar: Educating Boards of Directors About Class and Derivative Action Exposure, Avoidance and Procedure;" and "Saints and Sinners: Ethical Issues and Dilemmas in Client and Practice Development."