January 31, 2012

Inside Business Law

Consumer Financial Services Committee Programs and Content

  • The Consumer Financial Services Committee has been conducting some tremendous outreach programs, both with attorneys and laypeople alike. Be sure to review the Winter issue of the Consumer Financial Services Newsletter for the latest on the Committee's many outstanding initiatives. It includes a summary of the Committee's website for consumers, Safe Borrowing, a great story about the Committee's pro bono partnership with Junior Achievement Worldwide and an introduction to the Committee's Ambassadors and Fellows.
  • The Consumer Financial Services Committee has published a fascinating and thought-provoking article regarding loans by Native American tribes to state residents. "Tribal Loans to State Residents--The Next Test of Sovereign Immunity" speaks to a compelling consumer finance issue, as well as broader constitutional law concerns--you won't want to miss this important analysis.

Blue Sky Update

Do your clients offer the sale of securities across multiple jurisdictions? Do you ever find yourself poring over the securities statutes of several states, trying to decipher the correct securities filing requirements? If so, the State Regulation of Securities Committee has the newsletter for you: The Blue Sky Bugle. The current issue includes an excellent review of Rule 506 developments at the state level, as well as a useful roster of Committee liaisons to securities administrators in all 50 states.

Focus on Commercial Law

The Commercial Finance and Uniform Commercial Code Committees have published their Winter newsletter, the Commercial Law Newsletter, and you will not want to miss the many significant and timely articles, including:

  • "Enforcing the Commercial Guaranty Agreement," by Anthony J. Jacob, Aric T. Stienessen, and Jeremy D. Duffy;
  • "Key Elements of the Revised Model Credit Agreement Provisions," by Jason Kyrwood, Rachel Kleinberg, and Brian Radigan; and
  • "Fixated on Fixtures: An Overview of Perfecting and Ensuring Priority of Security Interests In Fixtures," by Brennan Posner.

Crisis Management for the In-House Counsel

Are you ready if your company ever faces a true crisis? Most in-house counsel are ready for the manmade crises of missed deadlines and zealous plaintiffs, but what if your company is faced with a natural or manmade disaster, or a catastrophic product failure? And what if that disaster or failure is perceived (fairly or unfairly) as being your company's fault? If you wish to be better prepared for these possibilities, these materials from the 2011 ABA Annual Meeting will prove very helpful. The presentation includes tips for corporate communications, building crisis and risk management plans in advance of a crisis, and unique ethical concerns for the in-house counsel.