BLT: October 2011




Business & Corporate

KEEPING CURRENT: Fiduciary Duties: Renouncing the Corporate Opportunity Doctrine

Delaware and New Jersey have amended their corporate laws to allow corporations to renounce the corporate opportunity doctrine. Renunciation may be accomplished either by a provision in the certificate of incorporation or simply by action of the corporation's board. Why has this power been afforded? Should it be available to all corporations, or only to some or not at all? And what issues might be inherent in its exercise?

Business & Corporate

FOCUSING ON PRO BONO: Transactional Attorneys and Pro Bono Asylum Work--A Better Match Than You Might Think

Every year thousands of people flee persecution in their home countries and seek protection in the United States in the form of asylum. To be successful these people often need pro bono representation. While conventional wisdom holds that the work of representing asylum-seekers is best suited for litigators, the author explains the benefits of representation by a transactional attorney.

Business & Corporate

Inside Business Law

This month’s IBL highlights and provides links to recent materials from the Mergers and Acquisitions, Taxation, and Corporate Litigation committees on business combinations. This month’s column also provides links to program materials and newsletters from the State Regulation of Securities Committee, the LLC’s, Partnerships and and Unincorporated Entities Committee, the Government Affairs Practice Committee, the Commercial Finance Committee, the UCC Committee, and the Pro Bono Committee.