July 31, 2011

Inside Business Law

Spotlight on the Environmental Committee

Does your business law practice increasingly deal with a multitude of environmental law issues? If so, check out this superb content from the Environmental and Energy Business Law Reporter:

  • When conducting due diligence, what are the key environmental issues business lawyers must be able to spot? David E. Roth and Molly Loughney Melius provide this essential tool for environmental due diligence.
  • Will our business clients increasingly need to deal with climate change nuisance litigation? Steven M. Siros provides an answer to that question in "Climate Change Nuisance Litigation: The Tip of the Melting Iceberg or a Flash in the Pan."
  • As potential environmental liabilities have increased, so has the market for environmental liability insurance. Robin Kelliher and Michael Balmer provide this important article that will enable business lawyers to properly advise their clients in this ever-changing field.
  • The intersection of environmental law and bankruptcy law raises many challenges for the business lawyer, not the least of which is how to deal with contaminated properties. Jeanne T. Cohn-Connor's article "Environmental Settlements in Bankruptcy: Practice Pointers for the Business Lawyer" provides a primer for the business lawyer in this dynamic field.

Annual Review of Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation

In April, the Business and Corporate Litigation Committee released its 2011 edition of "The Annual Review of Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation." This comprehensive document provides superb summaries of the latest trends and cases in business and corporate litigation, and is organized in functional chapters by area of law. This summary is a must-have for all business lawyers-you will want to print this one out and have it on the first shelf over your desk!

Focus on Securities Law

  • For some current thinking on SEC disclosure rules regarding the diversity of boards of directors, take a look at this presentation by the Business Law Section's Corporate Director Diversity Committee. 
  • Smaller businesses can have a particularly tough time keeping up with changes in securities law, so the Federal Regulation of Securities Committee's presentation entitled "Current Securities Law Issues for Small Business" is an especially helpful summary. 
  • For the latest on the impact financial reform legislation is having on both public and private securities markets, check out this presentation by the Securitization and Structured Finance Committee.

Unincorporated Entities Update

  • Want to be "in the know" on cutting-edge law regarding LLCs? Then you'll want to review this working draft of the Revised Prototype Limited Liability Company Act, as presented by the LLCs, Partnerships and Unincorporated Entities Committee at the Business Law Section's 2011 Spring Meeting. 
  • Do you regularly advise unincorporated entities? If so, you know how important tax considerations are for such clients, and you will not want to miss this presentation from the 2011 Spring Meeting entitled "Tax Provisions of Partnership and LLC Agreements: Learning to Read and Write Again." 

The Business Lawyer and Pro Bono

Are you looking for ideas on how you can better benefit the community through pro bono programs? Look no further than the Pro Bono Committee's 2011 Spring Meeting program, "Providing Legal Assistance to Low-Wealth Entrepreneurs and Very Small Businesses." This program provides a comprehensive set of ideas and tools for establishing or improving your pro bono transactional practice.