June 30, 2011

Inside Business Law

Focus on Commercial Law

  • Are you a deal lawyer with limited knowledge of consumer law? Assessing liability risks in a transaction requires an understanding of underlying consumer law and sensitivity to the changing regulatory landscape, including the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Check out Professor Katherine Porter's article on what every business lawyer needs to know about consumer law.
  • Stay current on commercial law developments by reading Steven O. Weise, Teresa Wilton Harmon and Lynn A. Soukup's collection of recent cases regarding personal property secured transactions, guaranties and intercreditor agreements, lender and borrower liability and other laws affecting commercial transactions.. This is a must read for business lawyers practicing commercial law.
  • Learn how to document the rights of hedging counterparties in collateral shared with a lending syndicate in these materials from the 2011 Spring Meeting.
  • More than two years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, learn the lessons for secured parties, derivative counterparties and owners of custodied financial assets.

Cross-Border Transactions

Are cross-border investments a part of your practice? Understanding the "soft" issues is critical to the success of a cross-border transaction. Don't miss these materials from the 2011 Spring Meeting, which include a thoughtful article by Sajai Singh on the role that culture can play in cross-border negotiations. If you render outbound cross-border legal opinions, be sure to review Ettore Santucci, Donald W. Glazer, Elizabeth van Schilfgaarde and Sylvia Fung Chin's presentation on this topic.

Maximizing Value and Reducing the Cost of Corporate Legal Services

Learn how to improve the quality and maximize the value of legal services for corporate clients . These articles discuss the challenges and pressures that in-house counsel now face and how outside counsel can implement practices and procedures that build strong client relationships while enhancing their corporate clients' bottom line.

Solar Energy Projects Around the World

Do you want the inside scoop on solar energy projects in the United States and other countries? Check out these materials from the 2011 Spring Meeting for insightful analysis on the market for solar energy projects .

Proposal for National Breach Notification Law

On May 12, 2011, the Obama Administration delivered a comprehensive cybersecurity legislative proposal to Congress, which, if enacted, would establish a national data breach notification law. The proposed national breach notification law would apply to certain business entities that use sensitive personally identifiable information. For a quick summary of the proposed legislation, read Gary Zhao's featured article in the Summer 2011 Business and Corporation Litigation Committee Newsletter.

Finance 101

Do you need a refresher on the fundamentals of finance? Read these materials from the 2011 Spring Meeting for presentations on the basics of securities and investing, financial analysis and valuations.