May 31, 2011

Inside Business Law

Highlights of the Section's Resources, Programs and Initiatives

  • Gathering highlights from around the Business Law Section, Membership Chair Julie Caggiano has listed the "best of the best" Section offerings from the past year. Julie covers some of the top programs from Section meetings, publications, CLE programs, and initiatives that will be of interest to everyone. As Julie points out, many Section resources have been recently reformatted, redesigned, and updated to make them more user-friendly for Section members.

Focus on Dodd-Frank

  • Is implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act an increasingly important part of your practice? Across all practice areas, the ABA Section of Business Law continues to play an instrumental role in providing business lawyers with the right tools to deal with the most comprehensive financial regulatory reform since the Great Depression. If you are dealing with corporate governance issues, don't miss Roland Bissell's analysis of corporate governance and corporate performance under Dodd-Frank. If you counsel investment advisors or work with state securities laws, the Federal Regulation of Securities Committee's summary of Dodd-Frank's impact on areas of law is invaluable, and if you deal with financial institutions, this report from the Banking Law Committee serves as a great summary of Dodd-Frank's relevant reforms.
  • For a look at critical Dodd-Frank developments that cross over all areas of business law, see these materials by Michael E. Clark regarding the act's whistleblower provisions.

Survey of Limited Liability Company Case Law

In April, the LLCs, Partnerships and Unincorporated Entities Committee released its 2011 edition of "The Annual Review of LLC Case Law and Recent Developments." Elizabeth Miller, Louis Hering, and David Harris provide an essential tool for understanding emerging trends in LLC law. The Annual Review is structured to provide quick thumbnails of recent cases, and serves as an excellent starting point for further research. Every business lawyer working with unincorporated entities will want this document at their fingertips.

Tips For the Young Business Lawyer

If you missed the 8th Annual Institute for the Young Business Lawyer, here is your chance to catch up on all of the great content. Highlights included programs on:

  • Basics of Consumer Credit Regulation: A Context for Federal Financial Services Reform;
  • How to Handle a Government Subpoena;
  • E-Discovery for the Young Lawyer; and
  • Litigation from the Outside In: Tips from a Litigator Turned In-house Counsel.

Changing Organizational Culture

Do you find that your organization has difficulty truly cultivating an ethos of diversity and a genuine sense of inclusiveness? If so, you will not want to miss the materials from the ABA Section of Business Law's 2011 Spring Meeting panel on "Establishing a Culture of Excellence In Your Organization: Beyond Diversity and Inclusiveness." These materials represent a nuts-and-bolts handbook of how to improve your organization so that diversity and inclusiveness become an integrated component of your culture.

Information Technology Trends and the Corporate Counsel

What information technology buzzwords are changing the way corporate counsels do business? Here are two hints: (1) the Cloud; and (2) "The Social Network." The Corporate Counsel Committee provides timely analyses regarding both of these hot topics:

  • What is the Cloud? Is it just another buzzword, or is it a revolution in information technology with far-reaching legal consequences? For a basic overview of the Cloud, follow the link to these presentations from the 2011 Spring Meeting by Shont Miller, Constance Mitchell, Amanda Witt and Michael Bydalek.
  • For a deeper understanding of what the Cloud means for business lawyers, you'll want to read the Corporate Counsel Committee's presentation on controlling trade secrets in the Cloud.
  • Is "The Social Network" just a movie, or is it an entirely new source of potential liabilities and legal issues? To answer this, Karen Stevenson provides an overview of "Litigating in the Social Networking Era," and the Young Lawyer Committee joins the discussion by providing an essential summary of the legal challenges created by social media, "Fad or Future? Social Media's Place in Today's Legal Profession."