BLT: May 2011




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KEEPING CURRENT: Antitrust: California Antitrust Case Demonstrates Need to Be Cognizant of State Laws

The divergences between and among federal and state laws can have important practical consequences for businesses. This article reviews a 2011 consent decree between the state of California and a manufacturer of beauty care products and points out the difficulties that can confront companies operating interstate, particularly in the context of setting resale prices for products or services.

Business & Corporate

Inside Business Law

This month’s IBL highlights the best Section offerings from the past year and provides links to several important Section offerings including: program materials on the Dodd-Frank Act, the 2011 edition of “The annual Review of LLC Case Law and Recent Developments,” materials from the 8th Annual Institute for the Young Business Lawyer, materials from the Spring 2011 meeting on diversity and inclusiveness, and materials on technology trends for corporate counsel.