December 21, 2010

Inside Business Law

Comment Letters

With so many regulatory changes coming from so many different agencies, it's no surprise that our Committees are very busy with comment letters. The comment letter process provides an unparalleled opportunity for practitioners to help influence the development of the law.

International Developments

  • If your practice involves international banking, don't miss the in-depth presentations on the Basel Accords that were given at the Banking Law Committee's Fall Meeting. Take this opportunity to review the reform proposals of Basel III, which will mean significant changes to bank capital requirements, and take a detailed walk through the new leverage requirements.
  • For an interesting look at key issues in cross-border insolvency cases, check out the materials from this presentation at the Business Bankruptcy Committee Fall Meeting.

State Law Updates

If you or your clients do business in Kentucky, be sure to read the in-depth analysis of the Kentucky Business Filing Act found in the October 2010 editon of the Pubogram from the LLCs, Partnerships, and Unincorporated Entities Committee.

Model Opinion Letters

Need a model opinion letter to use in a stock purchase transaction? Then you're in luck, because the Legal Opinion Resource Center now features a key excerpt from the M&A Committee's recently published Model Stock Purchase Agreement with Commentary, Second Edition. The helpful excerpt contains Exhibit 8.6(a), a model Opinion Letter from Counsel to Sellers, and 9.5(a), a model Opinion Letter from Counsel to Buyer. It begins with an excellent preliminary note full of pointers on legal opinion practice.

The Role of Independent Directors in Corporate Governance Published

Looking for more on the topic of independent auditors and corporate governance? Last month, Training for Tomorrow featured an article by corporate governance authority Bruce F. Dravis. This month, The Business Law Section is pleased to announce the publication of his book, The Role of Independent Directors in Corporate Governance. For a deeper treatment of these important issues, it is not to be missed. 

Professional Reflections of Business Law Advisor Marshall Small

Take a moment to read the remarks of Business Law Advisor Marshall Small, given before the Council at the Annual Meeting. Mr. Small provided reflections on his storied career, with observations about law school, clerking for Supreme Court Justice William Douglas, Mr. Small's time in private practice, and his experience with the Business Law Section's Corporate Laws Committee. He ends with some positive advice for today's practitioners.