Business Law Breaking News - Midland Funding LLC v. Johnson


Business Law Breaking News - Midland Funding LLC v. Johnson

By Graham Hunt

5/30/17 11:55 AM CT l Author: Stephanie Rodriguez

Breaking News Program: A Look at FDCPA Regulation of Bankruptcy Practices after Midland Funding LLC v. Johnson
Presented by The Consumer Bankruptcy Committee
Wednesday, May 31, 2017
12:00 p.m. Eastern


A recent Supreme Court decision found the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was not violated by a debt collector's filing of a proof of claim for a debt subject to an expired limitations period. But the decision did not find that the FDCPA is precluded by the Bankruptcy Code. This presentation explores the decision and examines whether FDCPA risks still remain for bankruptcy practices. We will explore what may occur with existing cases that were stayed and what to look for moving forward. Our panel brings together attorneys from the SCOTUS case as well as those who participated in several trial and Courts of Appeals decisions for both creditors and consumers.


  • Morgan Fisher, Law Offices of Morgan Fisher, LLC
  • Dalié Jiménez, Associate Professor of Law and Jeremy Bentham Scholar, University of Connecticut School of Law
  • Alan C. Hochheiser, Partner, Maurice Wutscher, LLP
  • Donald Maurice, Partner, Maurice Wutscher, LLP
  • Jason B. Tompkins, Partner, Balch & Bingham, LLC

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