May 2014 Issue of The Business Lawyer: Now Available


May 2014 Issue of The Business Lawyer: Now Available

By Graham Hunt

7/15/14, 11:29 AM CT | Author: Jeff Kelton

A digital copy of the May 2014 issue of The Business lawyer is available to Business Law Section members.


A print copy should have been delivered to lawyer and associate members of the Business Law Section in the last couple weeks. 

Recipients of the printed journal will notice a bind in card that lists additional resources related to the topics covered in the May issue. Explore these resources now. 

The current issue of The Business Lawyer features the following content: 

Rethinking Basic 

Equity Receivers and the In Pari Delicto Defense 

Changes in the Model Business Corporation Act—Proposed Amendments to Sections 2.02 and 8.70 (and Related Changes to Sections 1.43, 8.31 and 8.60) Permitting Advance Action to Limit or Eliminate Duties Regarding Business Opportunity 

Changes in the Model Business Corporation Act— Proposed Advance of Expenses Amendments to Sections 8.53 and 8.54 

LLC Agreement Forms 

Introduction to Single-Member LLC Agreement Forms 

Single-Member LLC Entity Member Form 

Single-Member LLC Individual Member Form 

Changes in the Model Nonprofit Corporation Act—Miscellaneous and Technical Amendments 

Survey - Federal Regulation of Securities 


Section I: Regulatory Developments 2013 

Section II: Accounting Developments 2013 

Section III: Case Law Developments 2013 

The Fuld@40 Papers 

Editor’s Note: The Fuld@40 Papers 

Introduction to Fuld@40 Papers 

Pogo, the Slippery Slope and the Opinion Express: A Challenge to Opinion Recipients 

Legal Opinion Practice at a Crossroads 

Legal Opinions in Business Transactions: The Modern Roots of a Professional Discipline 

It’s Time to Reconsider Normative Opinion Standards 

Reflections on the Kitchen Sink 

Rethinking the Opinion Giver of the Remedies Opinion 

“Mend Your Speech . . . Lest You May Mar Your Fortunes”: Some Thoughts on the Drafting of Closing Opinions 

Some Thoughts on the Limits of Customary Practice 

Legal Opinions—Who May Rely? 

Fuld@40: A Group Project on Common Qualifications to a Remedies Opinion in U.S. Commercial Loan Transactions 

Does the Fortress Decision Offer Any Lessons for Opinion Givers? 

Theory of Disclosure in Legal Opinions 

Ethical Considerations in Third Party Opinion Practice— Withdrawal from an Opinion Engagement and Disaffirmance of a Previously Issued Opinion 

The Late Entrants Problem: Ethical Considerations in Giving Opinions When Potential Conflicts Arise Late in a Transaction 

Some Thoughts on the Implications of Recent Developments for the Future of Opinion Practice 

Considerations for Contractual Provisions Extending Statutes of Limitations