Benefit Corporation White Paper by the Corporate Laws Committee


Benefit Corporation White Paper by the Corporate Laws Committee

By Graham Hunt

10/18/13, 9:11 AM CT | Author: Tiffany Adams

The Corporate Laws Committee recently produced a “Benefit Corporation White Paper,” which was published in the August 2013 issue of The Business Lawyer (Vol. 68, No. 4). This white paper reviews the provisions related to “benefit corporations,” as described in the excerpt below.

“This white paper discusses (1) the background relevant to [“benefit  corporation”] provisions, (2) the Committee’s prior treatment of other constituencies statutes, (3) the content of the benefit corporation provisions, (4) less rigorous alternatives to the benefit corporation adopted in three states, and (5) a list of factors that should be considered by statutory drafters in determining whether to include a benefit corporation provision in a jurisdiction’s general corporation law.”

The Business Lawyer is a quarterly, peer-reviewed business law journal that is mailed directly to Section members. Other titles from the August 2013 issue include:

  • Corporate Short-Termism—In the Boardroom and in the Courtroom
  • Benefit Corporations: A Challenge in Corporate Governance
  • Market Evidence, Expert Opinion, and the Adjudicated Value of Distressed Businesses
  • A Further Comment on the Complexities of Market Evidence in Valuation Litigation
  • Changes in the Model Business Corporation Act—Amendments to Sections 7.30 & 7.32 Removing Automatic 10-Year Limit on Duration of Voting Trust Agreements and Shareholder Agreements
  • Best Practices Report on Electronic Discovery (ESI) Issues in Bankruptcy Cases
  • Legal Opinions in SEC Filings (2013 Update)
  • Supplemental Report: Opinions on Chosen-Law Provisions Under the Restatement of Conflict of Laws
  • Survey - Uniform Commercial Code
  • The Uniform Commercial Code Survey: Introduction
  • Sales Survey
  • Leases Survey
  • Payments Survey
  • Letters of Credit Survey
  • Article 7: Documents of Title Survey
  • Investment Securities Survey
  • Personal Property Secured Transactions Survey

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