Be Listed in the Ask An Experienced Lawyer Directory


Be Listed in the Ask An Experienced Lawyer Directory

By Graham Hunt

10/22/13, 12:14 PM CT | Author: Tiffany Adams

The ABA Young Lawyers Division is developing a resource directory of experienced lawyers who are willing to provide capsule advice to young lawyers. Lawyers may complete a short survey to indicate their interest in giving back to the next generation.

Experienced lawyers listed in the directory should be willing to communicate with young lawyers on the phone or through email. Participating young lawyers will understand that this connection is not for mentorship; but rather for quick access to an experience attorney when the young lawyer has specific questions or concerns.

If you are interested in more in-depth mentorship opportunities, please contact the relevant Business Law Section staff member listed below:

Mentor a Law Student
Contact Lauren Shores at lauren.shores@americanbar.org or 312-988-6398.

Mentor a Young Lawyer
Contact Leslie Archer at leslie.archer@americanbar.org or 312-988-5630.

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