November 26, 2019

20/20 Partners Rising Young Leader Award

The American Bar Association Business Bankruptcy Committee is pleased to announce its 20/20 Partners Rising Young Leader Award nominations.  On October 14, 2020, at the Committee’s meeting in conjunction with the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges in San Diego, California, the BBC will recognize 20 young lawyers who show promise to be future leaders within the legal profession, the ABA and the Business Bankruptcy Committee.  Nominees must have been practicing five years or less as of the June 30, 2020 nomination deadline, i.e. admitted to the bar for the first time on July 1, 2015 or later.

Nominees will be evaluated for their emerging leadership, professional and/or social contributions, high-quality bankruptcy work, personal skills and integrity.  The judges will evaluate whether they have established a practice in business bankruptcy, made meaningful contributions to their legal (and/or broader) communities, and whether they are working toward becoming leaders in their field relatively early in their careers.

Eligible lawyers need not be ABA members, may be employees of private law firms of any size or work in the public sector, and may self-nominate.  Nominate a lawyer today!  In addition to a brief description of the nominee’s qualifications, the candidate’s resume and up to two recommendation letters with the recommender’s contact information should be attached through the link. 

The 20/20 Partners Rising Young Leader Award recipients will be honored at the Business Bankruptcy Committee leadership dinner during the 2020 National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges.  During the following two years, they will have an opportunity to partner with this ABA Committee to enhance their skills, networking and careers by speaking on programs, podcasts, or webinars, authoring articles that are published in the Committee’s e-Newsletter that is distributed to all 1,500 Committee members, or published in Business Law Today that is shared with all 30,000 Business Law Section members and accessible by non-ABA members, or preparing program materials posted on the ABA website and accessible to over 190,000 ABA members.

Do you know of any eligible young lawyers who deserve this recognition and leadership opportunity?  If so, please submit the application through the link above on or before July 1, 2020.