September 20, 2020

Tips and Tools

Video Tutorial of the VSAM Platform

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Here is all you need to make the most of the Business Law Virtual Section Annual Meeting (VSAM), and all it has to offer!

Your Login Details


Log in using the credentials sent to you via email on Saturday, Sept. 19 at 10 pm CT. If you did not receive this message, please submit a request here.

Click here to access the VSAM website>>



After you log in to the site, select the schedule tab on the left side navigation to view CLE programs, committee and subcommittee meetings, and special events. All events can be filtered by day, meeting type or track, and committee.

Schedule Options

  • All Events: The All Events heading under the Schedules tab will show all CLE programs, committee and subcommittee meetings, and special events. This schedule can be filtered by day, meeting type, track, and committee.
  • CLE Programs: The CLE Programs heading under the Schedules tab will automatically filter to CLE programs. Further refine your search by day, track, and committees.
  • Committee Events: The Committee Meetings heading under the Schedules tab will automatically filter to committee and subcommittee meetings; from there, you can filter by day and committees.
  • Special Events: The Special Events heading under the Schedules tab will automatically filter to Section Wide Events (Health Club, CLE Showcase programs, and social events). Use the filters to sort by day and committees.

How to Personalize Your Schedule

Click on the red bookmark tool in the upper corner of each program to add events you'd like to attend to the "My Schedule" feature. To access your schedule, use the "My Schedule" toggle in the top upper left corner on the Schedule tab to view bookmark selections you've made.

All schedules posted on the Business Law Section website are displayed in Central Time, but on the VSAM platform they appear in the user's current time zone.

About the Platforms

CLE Programs | Chime Live
All CLE programs will be hosted on the VSAM platform. From the CLE schedule page, click on a program title to view the program page, containing sponsoring committee information, speakers, program description, a link to the stream, materials, a link for the Q&A, and a link for the program survey. CLE webinars will be streamed through the site and all Q&A and program surveys will also be displayed on that page.

Committee and Subcommittee Meetings | Zoom
All committee and subcommittee meetings will be hosted on Zoom. From the Committee Meeting schedule page, click on a committee meeting title to view the committee meeting information page containing meeting description, speakers, materials (if applicable), and a Zoom link for the meeting. A Zoom account is not required if you are strictly joining Zoom Meetings as a participant-if someone invites you to their meeting, you can join as a participant without creating an account.

Special Events | Remo
Most special events will be hosted on Remo. From the Special Events schedule page, click on an event title to view information about the event or reception. Visit prior to the event where you'll be able to pick your own username and password and build your networking profile. Recommended browsers are Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Prior to the event, test that your microphone and camera are synced with Remo via Once attendees have logged in to the reception area, they will be able to navigate the event freely, viewing other attendees present and joining small groups presented at virtual "tables."

Today's Highlights (Sneak peek below! Check out the live page on Monday!)


To start each day, beginning Monday morning, visit the Today's Highlights tab on the VSAM website for Health Club events, a podcast of the day, a daily video honoring Section programs and groups, and links to daily CLE, the CLE Showcase Program, special events, and sponsors.

CLE Credit Information

CLE Info

To receive CLE credit, you must attend the entire session; partial credit is not available, and we cannot provide credit for groups. Do not leave the virtual room during the session.

There is a 4-step process to claim your CLE credit during the conference:

  1. For each CLE program you attend, you will need to answer the poll displayed on the screen at the beginning of the program. This poll will only be available for a short time at the start of the presentation. Completing this poll is mandatory for CLE accreditation.
  2. Towards the end of the program, there will be a slide presented with an audible announcement of the participation verification code from the session. Please make a note of this code.
  3. Immediately following the presentation, click on the code entry button on the left menu bar and enter the participation code.
  4. At the end of the entire conference you will receive an email with a link to complete the certification process. Please follow the link and complete the CLE affidavit for the entire conference, providing your bar information as requested. Once the completed form is submitted, your certificate(s) will be available for download and emailed to you.

All programs must be viewed in real time for CLE credit. Programs will be available for on-demand credit after the meeting.

Find information about CLE and how to claim CLE credit in the CLE info tab on the platform.

Technical Information

  • Chime Live is best viewed on the Chrome internet browser. Because the meeting uses different platforms, it is recommended that you participate on a laptop, desktop, or iPad. The platform is not accessible on mobile devices.
  • The text cannot be copied from the site and pasted into another document.
  • To scroll on the site, click on your mouse and drag up or down.
  • VPN connection might interfere with the functionality of the site. If you are experiencing issues with the connection, consider turning off VPN.

Help and Contact Info


If you have any questions, you can access the Help Desk for both the platform and your general help needs.

Select "Help Desk" if you need help with the Chime platform.

Select "Section Staff" if you have registration, membership, or general inquiries.

Dedicated tech support will be available in every CLE program, committee meeting, and subcommittee meeting.

Or, you can submit a request here that will be directed to a Business Law Section staff person, or call (312) 988-5588 or (312) 988-5419 starting Monday at 6:00 am CT to speak with a Section staff member.