2020 Virtual Section Annual Meeting

Information for Committee Leaders

How will I access the Virtual Section Annual Meeting?

All registrants will receive an email containing unique log-in details to access the Virtual Section Annual Meeting site by Thursday, September 17. Those who register after that date will receive access details shortly after completing registration; please keep in mind there will be a slight delay as the registration system and Virtual Section Annual Meeting site synchronize.

Each day throughout the meeting, registrants will receive a daily bulletin email and we intend to include your log-in details there as a reminder for easy access.

Use the log-in details to enter the Virtual Section Annual Meeting site where attendees can access complete meeting resources including schedules, an attendee roster, meeting materials, and event links. From the Virtual Section Annual Meeting site, attendees will also be able to chat with colleagues.

CLE programs and committee meetings will all be accessed from the Meeting site and no additional log-in will be needed. However, social events will be held via a special networking platform (Remo) and while you will be able to access the links from within the Meeting site, it will require a separate log-in. For a seamless experience, we encourage you to create and personalize your Remo account as soon as possible.

When will the Virtual Section Annual Meeting site open?

We plan to have the Virtual Section Annual Meeting site open to attendees by Thursday, September 17 to allow the opportunity for you to log in, develop your schedules, and become familiar with the layout and offerings.

Our goal is to make the scheduling feature available earlier in the week to allow registrants more time to log in to the site and prepare a personal schedule.  The scheduling feature will offer the ability for attendees to develop your personal schedule through filtering by date, committee sponsor or host, and special program track. You will then be able to save your personal schedule directly in the Section Annual Meeting website and it will be available to you any time you log in. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to export this schedule to Outlook so please keep in mind that all events in Meeting site schedule are listed in Central Time.

In addition to the program schedule, speaker listing, and sponsor details, the site will prominently feature highlights each day, including showcase programs, awards, interviews, and other special events, and Section Health Club activities.

What will events at the Virtual Section Annual Meeting look like?

After logging in to the Virtual Section Annual Meeting site, attendees will be able to access direct-links to all CLE programs, committee and subcommittee meetings, and social events.

  • CLE programs will be hosted on the Virtual Section Annual Meeting site and streamed as webinars. Panelists’ video cameras will be used. Attendees will not have access to video or microphones. Attendees will have the ability to submit questions throughout the program.

    Every CLE program will have its own program landing page which will include the link to the webinar; the program description and speakers; and the link to the materials.

    Additionally, each CLE webinar will have dedicated support to oversee the technical aspects of the program and to manage the CLE process and procedures. Section staff is coordinating tech rehearsals for each panel the week of September 14.
  • Committee meetings, subcommittee meetings, and all other non-CLE programs will be hosted as a Zoom meeting. Links will only be accessible directly from the Virtual Section Annual Meeting site and Zoom meeting details will not be shared outside of the Meeting site. Please keep in mind that this means members will need to register for the Meeting to access any committee or subcommittee meetings.

    Attendees will be muted upon entry into the committee or subcommittee meeting, however they will have the ability to unmute if they’d like to speak. All participants will have video capabilities and screensharing will also be available. Participants will be able to share their screen with all attendees. We also encourage committee or subcommittee chairs to share their meeting materials on their dedicated ABA Connect page.

    Every Zoom meeting will have a dedicated technical support person present. If committee or subcommittee leaders would like to be assigned co-host rights, just let your tech know upon entry.
  • Receptions and networking events will be hosted on the Remo platform and access to these events will require a separate log-in experience, although you will access the links to each event from the Virtual Section Annual Meeting site. For a seamless experience, we encourage you to create and personalize your Remo account as soon as possible.

    Once attendees have logged-in to the reception area, they will be able to navigate the event freely, viewing other attendees present and joining small groups presented as virtual “tables.” In reviewing alternative reception formats, the Section found that the networking experience and additional features offered through this service outweighed the small inconvenience of an additional log-in.

Can I access CLE programs after the live screening?

All CLE program materials and video recordings will be accessible within the Virtual Section Annual Meeting site via each CLE program’s own program landing page. Please note that programs viewed on-demand through the Annual Meeting site will not be available for CLE credit.

In the weeks following the meeting, these materials will be transferred to the Section’s on-demand CLE library where they can be accessed for CLE credit. 

Will there be a Section Lounge?

The Section Lounge will be hosted on the Remo platform and, as mentioned above, we encourage you to create and personalize your Remo account as soon as possible for seamless access. The Virtual Section Lounge schedule is:

  • Tuesday, September 22, 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM CT
  • Tuesday, September 22, 1:45 PM - 2:15 PM CT
  •  Thursday, September 24, 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM CT
  •  Thursday, September 24, 1:45 PM - 2:15 PM CT

At the Section Lounge, attendees will have the opportunity to connect with meeting sponsors to thank them for their support; learn more about Business Law Section and committee membership from Section staff; and request assistance from Section staff for any issues or questions you may have about the Virtual Section Annual Meeting. The Section Lounge is arranged in virtual tables of up to six people, to help build relationships with other business lawyers and select vendors. Section leaders and meeting sponsors will host some tables.

Will training or technical tests be available?

This is a new experience for attendees and staff alike, so the Section is prioritizing technical support resources and guidance to ensure all participants feel comfortable with the technology.  A guided overview of the platform for committee chairs will be held on Thursday, September 17 at 3:30-5:00 PM ET (recordings will be available for members who were unable to attend).

As mentioned above, all CLE panels will hold a tech rehearsal the week of September 14, concluding with a final speaker training session on Friday, September 18 at 1:00 PM ET. Links for both sessions will be circulated next week. 

Will tech support be available throughout the Meeting?

Dedicated tech support will be available in every CLE program, committee meeting, and subcommittee meeting. Additionally, a live tech support chat feature will be available via the Virtual Section Annual Meeting site to provide assistance throughout the meeting.