Committee Leadership

Legal Opinions Committee Chair: Ettore Santucci
Legal Opinions Committee Vice-Chair: Vacant


  • Membership: Anna Mills
  • Newsletter: James F. Fotenos
  • Diversity: Peter Muñoz
  • Website: Christina Houston
  • Listserve: Carol Lucas
  • Technology: Mark R. James


  • Content Committee: James F. Fotenos
  • Diversity Committee: Peter S. Muñoz
  • Meetings Committee: Anna S. Mills
  • Membership Committee: Anna S. Mills
  • Pro Bono Committee: Peter S. Muñoz
  • Publications Committee: James F. Fotenos
  • Technology Committee: Mark R. James


  • Cross Border Legal Opinions
    Co-Chairs: Sylvia Chin and Ettore A Santucci
  • Survey of Opinions Practices
    Chair: John B. Power and Arthur Cohen