February 20, 2020

Join a subcommittee

BCLC has over thirty subcommittees dedicated to a wide range of sub­stantive areas of law and litigation practice.  A subcommittee is where you can meet and work with other attorneys who share your interests and concerns, learn the latest cutting-edge issues and tech­ niques, and participate in the subcommittee's work – whether it's a chapter in the Annual Review of Developments, a working meeting, a report, a Business Law Today article, a webinar or a roundtable conference call.

At this link  you can access a list of the subcommittees and a description of their mission state­ ments.  Most business litigators will find that at least one subcommittee can help them improve their skills and broaden their network. Chances are you’ll see more than one that’s interesting to you.

BCLC is pleased to announce three new subcommittees that are now in their inaugural years.  In alphabetical order:

  • Artificial Intelligence.  This new subcommittee is dedicated to exploring legal issues generated by the increasing use of artificial intelligence and automated systems.  This subject can only become more relevant and pressing as technology continues to pene­trate more and more aspects of legal practice and of life.  Please con­tact chair Brad Newman of Paul Hastings in Palo Alto (bradfordnewman@pauhastings.com) for more information.
  • Receiverships and Fiduciaries.  This subcommittee is a forum for attorneys to learn and share insights about securing appointments, working with courts and constituencies of entities in receivership, and implementing solutions to legal and business issues that receivers and fiduciaries face.  It will provide opportunities for dialogue and education about receivership, insolvency, restructuring, and international asset recovery.  The co-chairs of this subcommittee are Melissa Visconti of Damian & Valori LLP in Miami (mvisconti@dvllp.com) and Judge Louis Bledsoe, Chief Business Court Judge of the North Carolina Circuit Court in Charlotte (louis.a.bledsoe@nccourts.org).
  • Wellness, Life Balance & Time Management.  One of the unavoidable features of law practice in the twenty-first century is stress and the need to juggle competing de­mands on your time.  This Subcommittee addresses a wide range of topics dedicated to attorney wellness, including physical health, mental health, substance abuse, profession­al ful­ fillment, diversity and methods for promoting effective time management and life balance.  Co-chairs are Bill Johnston at Young Conaway in Wilmington, Delaware (wjohnston@ycst.com) and Meredith Sherman at Pepper Hamilton in Philadelphia (shermanm@pepperlaw.com).

Please consider joining one or more of these subcommittees, or the more than thirty others.  The op­ por­ tunities for professional growth and personal fulfillment are unparalleled.  Any of the chairs will be happy to hear from you and answer any of your questions about their subcommittees.