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Law students are invited to participate in the Section’s Spring Meeting and Fall Meeting each year, taking place in April and September. Sign-up will begin closer to each meeting’s start date.

Participants in the Law Student Scholar Program Receive:

  • Networking Opportunities. Scholars will be invited to pre-meeting Zoom calls to get introduced to the Section, the Law Student Committee, and prepared for the Fall Meeting. Students will also participate in speed networking with accomplished professionals and attend networking receptions.
  • Professional recognition. After completing the program requirements, each scholar will receive a certificate recognizing their participation in the program.  Scholars are also encouraged to list involvement in this program on their resume.
  • Enhanced law school experience. Scholars will receive continued opportunities for involvement in the ABA Business Law Section to help you stand out from your peers.

Law Student Scholar Program Requirements

The program has been designed with law students’ busy schedules in mind. Participants complete the activities at the Business Law Section Spring Meeting or Fall Meeting but required events can be completed in 1 day on Thursday. Students are invited to attend as many days of the meeting as they’d like, but must attend at least 1 day in-person to meet the program requirements!

To fulfill the requirements of the program, you must complete any combination of the activities below to earn a score of at least 40 points.

  • Meet with 5 people and ask them about their careers in business law (10 points)
    Scholars will be able to attend the 2 receptions taking place Friday and Saturday night. Talk with 5 professionals (and ask questions!) about their careers in business law. Meet someone in the hall or at a meeting/program? That works too!
  • Attend the pre-meeting Zoom orientation calls (5 points for 1, 10 points for 2)
    Taking place at noon ET on Friday, August 4 and Friday, September 1, these pre-meeting orientation calls hosted by the Law Student Committee will prepare you to take full advantage of the meeting with tips, tricks, advice, and Q&A.
  • Attend the Law Student Institute (10 points)
    Dedicated law student programming is hosted on Thursday afternoon. The afternoon kicks off with a panel designed specifically for law students and continues with a Speed Networking event, connecting law students with accomplished business law practitioners from across the country. A networking reception follows shortly after.
  • Attend a CLE Program (5 points for 1 Program, 10 points for 2)
    The Meeting is full of innovative CLE programming covering an array of business law topics. Use the Young Lawyer Track to narrow down the programs and identify those most pertinent to law students.
  • Attend a Committee Meeting (5 points for one meeting, 10 points for 2)
    Our Meetings feature over 300 committee and subcommittee meetings covering every niche topic in business law. Every meeting is open, so stop in to learn about cutting edge developments any topic that might be of interest to you or beneficial to your practice.