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About the Award

Kate died unexpectedly in May of 2005 at the age of 51.  At the time of her death, she was the chair of the ABA Section of Business Law’s Business Bankruptcy Committee.  This memorial award honors Kate’s memory. Kate was a tenured member of the faculty at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.  She was an accomplished author, scholar, teacher, lawyer, and administrator. In addition to her leadership roles at the , she served in leadership capacities at the American Association of Law School’s Section on Creditors’ and Debtors’ Rights. She was a counselor in the truest sense of the word -- a wonderful mother, a friend to many, a dedicated mentor to students and young lawyers, and a trusted voice of wisdom. She left us too soon. This Award is designed to serve as a lasting tribute to all she was and all for which she stood and to recognize the importance of bankruptcy education and scholarship to the ABA Business Bankruptcy Committee and the bankruptcy profession.

The annual Kathryn R. Heidt Memorial Award will be conferred during the ABA Business Bankruptcy Committee luncheon at the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges each year.  The recipient will attend the Fall Meeting of the ABA Business Bankruptcy Committee to receive the award.


In order to be eligible to receive the Kathryn R. Heidt Memorial Award, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an attorney or law student;
  • Be a member of the ABA;
  • Be age 45 or under as of the nomination deadline;
  • Either 1) have published written material on a topic with relevance to business bankruptcy in an ABA sponsored publication, or 2) have produced a significant report, study, or other work product in conjunction with service on the ABA Business Bankruptcy Committee, a subcommittee of the ABA Business Bankruptcy Committee, or task force of the ABA Business Bankruptcy Committee.  Publication means any written work or materials in any format disseminated by the ABA;
  • Have demonstrated leadership potential within the ABA or the larger legal community; and
  • Have displayed generosity of spirit.

Nomination Package

Nominations are due August 26.  In order to nominate an individual for the Kathryn R. Heidt Memorial Award, the nomination packet must include:

  • A completed nomination form; 
  • A copy of the detailed resume of the nominee;
  • A copy of the article, report, study, or work product on which the nomination is based. 


Each award recipient will receive:

  • Registration for and travel to the Award Ceremony during the ABA Business Bankruptcy Committee’s Fall Meeting;
  • A commemorative award statue; and
  • A monetary award of $250.00.