Field Service Program

The ABA's Field Service Program furthers the division's mission through on-site visits with bar leaders across the country. Initiated in 1979, this one-on-one outreach is designed to increase accessibility to the ABA.

These meetings provide an excellent opportunity for bar association staff and elected leaders and the field service representative to bring each other up-to-date on what is happening at their associations. The field service representative's objective is two-fold:

  • To identify how the ABA can serve as a resource to the bar and its membership
  • To learn about the programs and practices that have worked well for the bar so that the Division can share those ideas with other associations which may be looking for assistance.

Another important function of the field service staff is to serve as a sounding board for bar leaders regarding ABA practices, programs and policies. Although more formal means of communication are always available, the field service representatives are in a unique position to invite and convey important feedback. In short, the field service staff aims to serve as a personal contact at the American Bar Association for the leadership of the organized bar.

To learn more about this service, please contact Angie Euell.