July 18, 2018

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Pressing issue? Need statistics? Use our resource pages for data and expert advice on topics affecting the legal profession and your bar.

  ABA Resources
This page highlights the many different ways this association reaches out to other bar associations.
  Developing Global Bars
Best practices, guidance, and examples for developing a bar association anywhere in the world.
  Disaster Recovery
Disaster response plans, tips on data backup, and much more advice on how to best prepare your organization.
  Diversity & Inclusion
This page includes some of our favorite diversity and inclusion resources for bar associations.
  Future of the Legal Profession
Legal futurists, technology experts, and practicing attorneys discuss what might be next for the legal industry.
A quick guide for bar leaders looking for statistical data, financial questions, and many other governance hurdles.
  IRS Form 990
Sample policies from bar associations, professional advice, and links to useful governance materials.
  Judicial Independence
Bar association statements and other resources addressing recent attacks on the independence of the judiciary.
These resources will help you master the skills needed to be an effective steward for your organization.
  Legal Services Funding
The bar association community responds to the proposed elimination of government funding for the Legal Services Corporation.
We've gathered the best data, advice, and real-life examples to help you build and sustain a strong membership program.
  President's Pages
Examples of model president pages along with useful writing tips.
  Small Bar Associations
Sample policies, useful articles, and statistics to allow small bar leaders to keep the plates spinning.
  Social Media
These resources will help you build a productive social media program.
  Succession planning
This page will help guide you through the executive transition process, from retirement to onboarding.
  Unified Bars
The state of unified bar operations, the history of these bar associations, relevant court opinions, and the political environment affecting these entities.

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