January-February 2017

Flashpoints: Bar associations play important, careful role in addressing police shootings, other community issues


Flashpoints: Bar associations play important, careful role in addressing police shootings, other community issues

Bar associations often have an important role as a convener within their community. What if the community is faced with a contentious, unsettling event such as a police shooting and resulting unrest? Here's how some bars have helped keep the lines of discussion—and civic education—open during difficult times.

The ABA Division for Bar Services recently released its 2016 State and Local Bar Benchmarks: Membership, Leadership, and Governance publication, based on an extensive survey of the bar association community. What are some of the more interesting trends that emerged from the data?

If they didn’t know about it before, a lot of bar associations and members learned about ransomware recently, via a "phishing" scam in which lawyers were emailed about supposed disciplinary complaints against them. What is the latest advice regarding how to defend against this or any other kind of cyber attack?

Need more guidance regarding how to keep yourself and your members safe from phishing, ransomware, and other high-tech dangers? Here are a few do's and don'ts for our digital age.

A new business relationship can be an exciting opportunity … and it can also be a huge cybersecurity risk for both you and your vendor. To help mitigate that risk, the ABA Cybersecurity Legal Task Force recently released a checklist that you and your members can use anytime you’re considering a new venture with an outside partner.

Just when you get settled in with your newly redesigned website, one day, you realize it's not so new anymore. In fact, it looks … old. If that sounds familiar, then you'll want to read these ideas regarding budget, branding, and navigation from bars that have "been there" recently.

Who's in charge of social media? We all are. That's according to Kevin O'Keefe, CEO of LexBlog, who told attendees at the 2016 NABE Communications Section Workshop that everyone—yes, everyone—at your bar association should be on social media and shouldn't hesitate to blur the lines between personal and professional.


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