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Personal Injury

States consider medical malpractice caps . . . again

Across the country, state legislatures are considering tort reforms, especially caps on pain and suffering damages, in an attempt to address skyrocketing medical malpractice insurance costs for physicians. But many bar leaders, including immediate past ABA president Alfred P. Carlton Jr., say caps aren’t the answer. Find out why, and also see what the president of the American Medical Association has to say.

Trade, Sports & Professional Associations

An interview with ABA President Dennis W. Archer

Meet the new president of the ABA. He’s a veteran bar leader, having been president of three other bar associations. He’s a celebrated former mayor of the city of Detroit. And, as Allan Head found out, he’s also quite a golfer. Archer chats with Head, chair of the ABA Standing Committee on Bar Activities and Services, about his humble beginnings, his thoughts on leadership, and his big plans for the year ahead.