July 31, 2018

Bar School

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A monthly webinar series focusing on topics of interest to the bar association community.

No upcoming Bar Schools scheduled

No upcoming Bar Schools scheduled


Our Bar Essentials series explain the basics of bar associations. These sessions, marked with a red 'E', are useful for onboarding new staff as well as refreshing more seasoned staff.

  • 1-5 FTE staff: $39.95
  • 6-15 FTE: $59.95
  • 16+ FTE: $79.95

Price includes unlimited access to recording of session for 30 days.

Is there a topic you're interested in but isn't scheduled? Check out select past classes in our recorded sessions.

Questions about Bar School? Contact Joanne O'Reilly.

E: joanne.oreilly@americanbar.org
P: (312) 988-5348