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President's Pages

There’s no need to fear the president’s page. Here’s some guidance and inspiration to help you write memorable and effective presidents' pages.

Introducing Yourself

Lawyers Give Back

Get Involved

The Profession

Taking a Stand

The Judiciary/Rule of Law

Diversity & Inclusion

Wellness/Work Life Balance

Law Students/Young Lawyers

The Final Column

Helpful Articles


Members of the NABE Communication Section offer the following suggestions:

  • Develop a personal theme in line with the bar's ongoing activities. Given this, the president's page is best used to reinforce the individual's focus and to connect that focus to the bar's long-term goals.
  • Think of the president's page as a yearlong ongoing "conversation" between the president and the bar members.
  • Ask for a list of theme issues and tailor remarks to the theme for that month.
  • Start thinking early! Begin compiling ideas for articles when you become president-elect.
  • Drawing upon personal experiences makes for an interesting column.
  • Write for one page only - jumping an article to another page loses readers.
  • Don't get hung up on perfection. Better to get a rough draft to staff and let them work collaboratively to edit.


Questions on this topic? Contact Molly Flood, Associate Director.

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