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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is the Job Announcement Service?

An executive job posting service for bar associations. Announcements are read by more than 1,000 staff at 180 bars in the US and Canada.

Question 2: How are announcements announced?

Each announcement is:

  1. E-mailed to 1.) executive directors at all state, major local, and small local bar associations, 2.) all members of the National Association of Bar Executives (NABE), and 3.) executive staff in the National Conference of Bar Foundations (NCBF); and
  2. Posted to the JAS Home page.

Question 3: How much are announcements?

Announcement fees range from $450-$750, based on organization type.

Question 4: How do I request an announcement?

Submit a Job Announcement Request.

Question 5: What happens after I submit a request?

After submitting your ad, your announcement is:

  1. Edited for clarity and impact;
  2. E-mailed to you for approval;
  3. Posted to the JAS Home page, and;
  4. E-mailed to executive directors throughout the nation, NABE members, and NCBF executive directors.

Question 6: What will my announcement look like?

Click here for a sample.

Question 7: How long does it take?

Generally 2-3 business days. Assuming a "clean" original and quick draft approval, announcements are completed on the following schedule:

  • Draft sent within 2 business days of request;
  • Posted within 1 business day of draft approval, and;
  • E-mailed same day of draft approval or the next business morning.

Turnaround time is extended during meeting periods, reduced when originals are submitted in the JAS format.

Question 8: Can I see the current announcements?

Yes. Current announcements are posted to the JAS Home page.

Question 9: Can I rerun my announcement?

Yes. You may rerun your announcement once for no extra charge. Send your request to Michael Ward.

Question 10: Other questions about the JAS?

Contact Michael Ward at [email protected] or (312) 988-5356.