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Your Connection to Effective Board Governance

BoardLink is the DBS newsletter for bar association board members. It shares good practices and addresses governance issues that may be preventing boards from providing necessary leadership.


Issue 18, Summer 2014: Crafting a More Meaningful Membership Strategy

Issue 17, Fall 2013: Uncovering Bar Experiences that Resonate

Issue 16, Summer 2013: Shifting From Oversight to Strategy

Issue 15, Spring 2013: Are You Bar President Material?

Issue 14, Winter 2013: Planning for Your Bar's Future

Issue 13, Fall 2012: Cultivating Excellence among Committees and Sections

Issue 12, Summer 2012: Pearls of (Overheard) Wisdom

Issue 11, Spring 2012: Be Your Bar's Best Ambassador

Issue 10, Winter 2012: What's My Board's Role Relative to the IRS Form 990?

Issue 9, Fall 2011: It's All About Relationships

Issue 8, Summer 2011: Sorting Out the Board's Role

Issue 7, Spring 2011: Creating a Board Orientation That Leaves Us "Prepared, Connected and Inspired"

Issue 6, Winter 2011: Evaluating Your Bar's Program Success

Issue 5, Summer 2010: Accountability in Leadership: The Buck Stops Where?

Issue 4, Spring 2010: Strategies for Better Meetings, Board Confidentiality, and Other Guidance

Issue 3, Winter 2010: The Board and Its Financial Oversight Role

Issue 2, Fall 2009: Toward an Exceptional Board

Issue 1, June 2009: Making the Most of Your Board Experience

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