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Vol. 46, No. 1

Bar leadership during COVID-19: A Bar Leader video project

By Marilyn Cavicchia

Some things about bar leadership are almost universally true: The year you expect and plan for is seldom the year you get. It’s over before you know it. No one gets a do-over. But what if your presidential term has been affected by the pandemic—or you’re anticipating starting your term soon, with COVID-19 still active and issues of racial inequity roiling the nation and your community?

In this first-ever video project for Bar Leader, we hear from three seasoned bar presidents and frequent faculty members at the ABA Bar Leadership Institute. What advice do they have about how to make the most of a leadership experience that’s occurring at such a challenging time? We also hear from two current bar leaders whose terms have been directly affected by COVID-19 and by the ongoing discussion sparked by the shooting of George Floyd. How have they embraced this moment and found meaningful ways to serve?

Here’s an introduction to our panel:

Bar Leader wishes to thank all of our participants for the guidance, experiences, and insights they shared and for being flexible and generous in assisting with this new project.