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March-April 2021

Volume 46 Issue 4   March 2021


Leadership Development

The Arkansas Bar Association: A case study in major governance restructuring

The Arkansas Bar Association had a problem: Its governance structure, which included a House of Delegates and a Board of Governors, was bogging down its decision making. Moving to a single body, the Board of Trustees, required dedication to the bar's best interests, challenging discussion, and approval by the full membership. How did they do that—and what well-known alum of the bar world helped as a consultant?

Professional Development

Evaluation and measurement in a time of transition: A conversation with Kim Silver

Chances are, you've tried a lot of new things in the past year. As we continue to work our way out of the pandemic, how will your bar decide what to keep doing in the new way, what should go back to how it was, what should be sunset, and what should be done as a hybrid? Nonprofit evaluation and measurement expert Kim Silver says data is essential in making these decisions—and it's easier to gather it, even now, than you might think.