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November-December 2017

Volume 42 Issue 2  


Bar Communications

Lawyer Wellness

NABE Communications Section Workshop panel discusses how to help deliver a life-saving message

It's important that bar associations get the word out about addictions, mental health problems, and how to get help. But if you do that only with harrowing stories and the usual stock images, you may be missing the point. At the 2017 NABE Communications Section Workshop, a fascinating panel discussion offered practical communication tips that just might change everything for impaired lawyers in your area.

Bar Foundations

Leadership Development

NCBF discusses best practices for foundation boards, how to get younger members

It used to be that the shift from leading the bar association to leading the foundation was often automatic—whether a bar leader had any particular interest in the foundation or not. For many bar foundations, those days are over, as they are now much more intentional with board selection, and also in attracting younger lawyers. Read more about these and other foundation best practices that were discussed at the 2017 NCBF Annual Meeting.