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March-April 2018

Volume 42 Issue 4  

2018 Midyear Meeting

Leadership Development

Lawyer couple helps 2018 NABE Midyear attendees navigate complexities of diversity, inclusion

In order to be truly inclusive, it's important that we all examine the little things we think, do, and say, so we don't cause someone pain without even realizing it. That's according to Keith Cutler and Dana Tippin Cutler, a lawyer couple who now have a syndicated TV show. Guest writer Tim Eigo gives his synopsis of the Cutlers' high-energy program at NABE's 2018 Midyear Meeting.

Leadership Development

Upping the game: Smart orgs get serious about collaborative exercises

In the bar world and elsewhere, it's often collaboration and teamwork that get the job done. So, why do so many of us dread working with others and prefer to sit quietly in our "silos"? At NABE's 2018 Midyear Meeting, business expert Vanessa Dennison shared how gamification can help break down barriers and encourage everyone in a meeting to fully participate and contribute. Guest writer Tim Eigo offers his take—and what Tickle Me Elmo has to do with any of this.

Leadership Development

Mobile first, heat maps, custom visuals, and improved layouts: Great website tips from the 2018 NABE Midyear Meeting

It's official: More people now view websites on mobile devices than on standard computers. That means it's time—if it wasn't already—to think "mobile first" in web design. What does that mean for bar associations, and what else is a must if you want to ensure that your bar's website is fresh and functional? Guest writer Alexa Giacomini shares what she learned from bar website professionals—and an after-the-program conversation about digital heat maps—at NABE's 2018 Midyear Meeting.

Bar Technology

Leadership Development

‘Every business is a tech business’: Bar associations help members embrace the future

For lawyers and bar associations to survive and thrive, we all need to stay on top of the latest technology and what might develop next. The National Conference of Bar Presidents is no stranger to this idea and has been looking toward the future in its programming, in webinars, and by other means. Here's an overview of a tech-forward panel discussion at NCBP's 2017 Annual Meeting.

Bar Foundations

Leadership Development

Executive at nonprofit that launched Giving Tuesday offers inside look at a global phenomenon

Whether you work on the foundation side or not, chances are, you've heard of Giving Tuesday—a designated day in November when people are encouraged to donate to various causes. How did Giving Tuesday originate, and how can your bar foundation tap into its considerable power? Guest writer Lowell Brown gives us a fascinating inside view, from a program at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the National Conference of Bar Foundations.

Bar Leadership Institute