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January-February 2018

Volume 42 Issue 3  


Bar Services Spotlight

Leadership Development

Recently released 2017 State and Local Bar Benchmarks Survey report reveals declining numbers, bar associations trying new strategies

The ABA Division for Bar Services recently released its 2017 State and Local Bar Benchmarks Survey: Membership, Programming and the Legal Profession, and it seems to indicate a downward trend in bar membership and in the profession overall. What are some of the most important—and, in some cases, alarming—data points that emerged from this survey of the bar association community?

Bar Leadership

Bar Communications

Leadership Development

Quick! How fast is your website? And how can you help it go faster?

Sometimes, your bar's website loads so slowly that you want to abandon it and never come back. If there's a grain of truth in that, imagine how your members and other visitors feel. At the 2017 NABE Communications Section Workshop, two speakers from the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association shared how they've made their website faster and less frustrating with some simple tips and tweaks.

Bar Programs

Leadership Development

Where do you find a good lawyer? Lawyer referral trends and how to stay relevant

Remember when the bar association's lawyer referral service (or lawyer referral information service) advertised in the Yellow Pages … and that was pretty much it? Those days are over now—and many bar associations are coming up with some innovative new ways to help people find a lawyer. Guest writer Karen Korr shares what she heard at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the National Association of Bar Executives.