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Vol. 41, No. 5

Need more help understanding and meeting members’ needs? Call on ABA Division for Bar Services

by Joanne O’Reilly

The ABA Division for Bar Services can help you understand how your members and nonmembers view your organization, and where there may be opportunities to strengthen your bar operationally, through our market research and benchmarking services.

We have worked with more than 100 state, local and specialty bar associations to develop member surveys, both stand-alone and in conjunction with strategic planning sessions offered through our Consulting Services program.

Surveys and research assistance we have provided include:

  • General membership surveys
  • Nonmember surveys
  • Emerging issues surveys
  • Evaluation of panel attorneys
  • Staff surveys
  • Member plebiscites
  • Board, chair and other bar stakeholder surveys

Areas of expertise include:

  • Survey development
  • Benchmarking assistance
  • Focus group assistance
  • Tailored reports that illustrate how the bar compares with its peers in terms of membership, finance and other areas

Please contact us to learn more, and for specific pricing of our market research and benchmarking services. 

Joanne O’Reilly

Joanne O’Reilly is publications and survey manager for the ABA Division for Bar Services.