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March-April 2017

Volume 41 Issue 4  

2017 Midyear Meeting

Trade, Sports & Professional Associations

NCBP panel discusses role of the bar association in issues of community concern

Police shootings and other troubling events that can cause community unrest are not just a black/white issue or a big-city issue. They're everybody's problem—and the organized bar has an important role to play in addressing inequity, breaking down barriers, and rebuilding public trust. That was the bold message of NCBP's opening plenary at its 2017 Midyear Meeting in Miami. Find out what was said there, and what important resources were shared.

Civil Rights & Constitution

NCBF panel: Bar foundations can play a key part in addressing community issues

When there's an issue that divides the community and involves law enforcement and justice, it's not just the bar association that often responds. More and more these days, bar foundations, too, are convening difficult but crucial conversations and helping people learn their rights and responsibilities. At its 2017 Midyear Meeting, NCBF addressed what some foundations have done lately along these lines ... and what some might do next.

Court Administration

How safe is your bar? NABE panel shares security tips for offices, special events, and courthouses

What prevents someone from walking into your bar's office and hurting you or anyone else? Or causing a disturbance (violent or otherwise) at a special event? Or sneaking a weapon past woefully underfunded courthouse security? These were some of the rather sobering topics addressed by a panel at NABE's 2017 Midyear Meeting. Read this article and learn how to make your bar safer—and why judges need you to speak up for increased courthouse security.

Bar Leadership Institute