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July-August 2017

Volume 41 Issue 6  


Bar Membership

Bar Foundations

Trade, Sports & Professional Associations

What persuades donors to invest in your foundation? Making the case for support

Your bar foundation has a very inspiring mission. Guess what? So do a lot of other organizations. Today's donors are a tough crowd—and they're more apt to Google you than call you. How can you ensure that your 990 (which is what the various charity rating sites use to gather data) and your website and other materials help you put your best foot forward?

Bar Communications

Trade, Sports & Professional Associations

The media revolution is ‘iterative’ and social: Experts share how not to get left behind

It used to be that a news article was just that—one article—and a reporter would go to great lengths to reach every possible source. Now, time is of the essence, with reporters under pressure to post an article right away and update it as needed. They're also active on social media, looking for ideas, sources ... and quotes. Here are two crisis communications experts' tips on how to navigate this very different media landscape.

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