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Vol. 40, No. 2

Economic impact, by the numbers

by Robert J. Derocher

A review of the economic impact reports developed by bar associations over the last few years reveals some interesting numbers:


That’s the average amount of taxes paid, per employee, by the legal profession in Ohio—the highest of any profession in the state.


That’s how many state court workers were laid off in the state of California in 2012 to accommodate budget cuts.


That’s how much money in ongoing operations the North Carolina court system generated in total value added onto the North Carolina economy for fiscal year 2013-14.


That’s the additional amount of money pumped into South Carolina’s economy, for every $100 spent on the legal profession. In 2012-13, $2.7 billion was spent on the profession.

$6.6 million

That’s how much money is saved in York County, Pa., annually by reducing legal problems such as foreclosure, domestic violence, and detention of immigrants at York County Prison at public expense.