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November-December 2015

Volume 40 Issue 2  


2015 NABE Comm Workshop

Professional Development

Presenting … Tips and techniques to help anyone become a better speaker

Are great presenters born or made? And what can you do if you know you’re not great—if, in fact, the whole idea fills you with terror—but you have to present anyway? Whatever your comfort level, your role at the bar association, or the purpose of your presentation, here’s why you shouldn’t settle for so-so … and some practical advice to help you improve as a speaker.

Trade, Sports & Professional Associations

Welcome! How to connect, include, and engage new members

In today’s world, everyone—not just younger generations—wants immediate access to information, and a quick connection with any organization they might join … or are required to join. How well does this match with the way bar associations have traditionally operated? Here’s how some bar associations are using a mix of new tools and the tried and true to welcome, include, and engage their new members faster than ever before.

Professional Development

Less ‘stuff,’ more connection: How bar associations can reach Millennial members

The average age for staff members at professional associations, such as bar associations, is 48.6. And now, the Millennials are arriving in force—not only making up more than 50 percent of the overall workforce, but also assuming bar leadership roles … and not just in the YLD. What do those Millennial (aka Generation Y) members want? And can an old bar learn new tricks?

Practice Marketing

Don’t overload your designer or your design: NABE Comm panel advises simplicity, room to breathe

If you work with a designer, do you ever wonder why he or she seems to cringe when you offer a very concrete suggestion for an image? And if design isn’t your strong suit but you do it once in a while, why do your photos look fuzzy, your text too busy, and everything just not quite right? A panel of bar association designers at the 2015 NABE Communications Section Workshop shared a few tips to help improve your own designs or get better results from the designers you work with.