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May-June 2016

Volume 40 Issue 5  


Bar Leadership Institute

Leadership Development

Service in small bites: Microvolunteering and member engagement

Did you know that even one very small volunteer task can make a member more likely to recommend your bar association to others? Or that the traditional “leadership ladder” might not be the best model for today’s members? At the 2016 ABA Bar Leadership Institute, Peggy M. Hoffman highlighted ways to find opportunities for micro-volunteering—and how to use those to attract, retain and engage members at every stage of life.

Legislation & Lobbying

The bar president as advocate: Expert advice on working with legislators

When it comes to lobbying on behalf of the organized bar, it’s a very different world out there. For one thing, there are a lot fewer lawyer-legislators than there used to be. What’s more, social media has led to a relentless cycle of informal lobbying—and an awareness by legislators that they could be “on camera” at all times. How can your bar association cut through the clutter and build important relationships amidst these challenges? At the 2016 ABA Bar Leadership Institute, two governmental relations and lobbying experts offered time-tested tips.