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March-April 2016

Volume 40 Issue 4  

Midyear Meeting 2016

Leadership Development

Leadership: Focus less on return on investment, more on return on relationships

Perhaps now more than ever, staff and elected bar leaders need to focus on relationships—and self-reflection—to get the job done. That was the message in a plenary and follow-up at the 2016 NABE Midyear Meeting in San Diego. The Maryland State Bar Association’s Patrick Tandy recaps both sessions here, and shares a tool that many attendees found helpful in understanding themselves and others.

Professional Development

Of riverboats and uncharted seas: Professor William Henderson on the present and future of the profession

When it comes to understanding changes in the law profession and what bar associations should do about them, Professor William Henderson never fails to make interesting comparisons that cause attendees to see things in a new light. That was the case at the 2016 NABE Midyear Meeting, too. How are lawyers like riverboat pilots—and are there rocky waters ahead?

Bar Leadership Institute

Bar Technology

Practice Technology

New York State Bar Association pulls content, vendors, and resources into new ‘hub’

If you saw an informal show-and-tell at Midyear or also read Bar Leader Weekly (which you should), you may have heard about a new app called LawHUB, created by the New York State Bar Association. How does it help members by gathering the information and resources that are most relevant to them, what are the bar’s future plans, and how did the idea arise in the first place? (Hint: You never know when inspiration will strike during one of those meeting sponsor breaks.)