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Vol. 40, No. 3

Ready for Round 2? The return of the One Great Name contest

by Marilyn Cavicchia

You might recall that in 2014, we held a just-for-fun contest for effective, creative names of CLE sessions, bar programs, and other such offerings.

A lot of readers said they not only enjoyed this contest, but that they also came away with some “borrow worthy” ideas.

So, let’s do it again! Here are the rules and guidelines:

  • The contest is open to any bar association or foundation, including winners of the previous round.
  • Please submit only one entry per bar association or foundation.
  • Because the previous round occurred in July 2014, this contest is for names that were created (or events that occurred for the first time) between August 2014 and the present.
  • Anyone may submit an entry on behalf of the person or entity who created the name.
  • Any event, publication, CLE session, article, section, member benefit, fundraiser, or other offering from a bar association or foundation is eligible.
  • Entries must be emailed to Marilyn Cavicchia by 5:00 p.m. Central time on Monday, February 15.
  • Each entry should include the name of the event, member benefit, etc.; the date that it occurred, launched, or otherwise debuted; a short description of how the name was arrived at (if possible); and any results you’ve seen from the name (increased attendance, positive comments, etc.).
  • Entries will be sorted into small, medium, and large bar categories, with prizes awarded in each category and overall.
  • All entries, with bar-identifying information removed, will be published in an upcoming issue of Bar Leader, on Twitter, and on the Listservs of the NABE Communications Section and Small Bar Executives.
  • Votes will be taken via email to Marilyn Cavicchia.
  • More than one person from each bar organization may vote; however, no one may vote for entries submitted by their own bar organization. Voters will be notified if they have done this without realizing.
  • The prizes (paper certificates) have no monetary value.

Questions? If so, let me know. Otherwise, let the 2016 One Great Name contest begin!