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Bar Leader September-October 2014

Vol. 39 No. 1  

Featured Articles

Professional Development

Bar associations, law schools make strides in improving legal education

What are some of the important discussions—and actions—that have taken place recently regarding legal education, and how have bar associations been involved? Among the possible solutions: waiving the bar exam in one state, and one law school’s plan to take the “incubator” idea and make it available before students graduate. These and more were discussed at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the National Conference of Bar Presidents, National Association of Bar Executives, and National Conference of Bar Foundations.


What role can technology play in access to justice—and should bar foundations help?

At the 2014 Annual Meeting of the National Conference of Bar Foundations, Robert Ambrogi—a bar foundation president and an expert on legal technology—shared some new tools that could increase efficiency and effectiveness in delivery of legal services. But don’t some of them tread awfully close to the practice of law? And can a bar foundation support such projects when grant money is scarce?

Leadership Development

When should a bar association take a position? A spirited discussion at NCBP’s Annual Meeting

If a bar association refuses to take a position on a controversial issue, is it turning its back on an important responsibility or very sensibly considering its mission and its member base? A lively—and surprising, in some ways—discussion occurred during a 2014 Annual Meeting program for the National Conference of Bar Presidents. Find out why one bar president believes the Keller decision doesn’t necessarily close the door for mandatory bars and advocacy.