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January-February 2015

Vol. 39 No. 3  

Featured Articles

Trade, Sports & Professional Associations

The big idea: Amidst changes in the legal profession, bar associations keep up ties with large firms

With many large law firms doing more things on their own, consolidating, trimming budgets, cutting staff—or disappearing entirely—what happens to the bar associations that have depended on them for much of their membership? Is it still viable to pursue large law firms as a source of revenue, support, and participation, even as bars also try to meet the needs of a growing solo population? Here’s a look at how some savvy bar associations are rethinking and refiguring but still maintaining important relationships.

Practice Technology

All about that Basecamp: A case study from the Indianapolis Bar Association

Like any other technology tool, a project management application can’t solve all your problems for you. But it can come pretty close, according to the executive director and staff at the Indianapolis Bar Association, who gave attendees at the 2014 NABE Communications Section Workshop the inside scoop on Basecamp. Why did they choose that particular app, and how has it changed how things get done?

Professional Development

Law professor Bill Henderson shares ‘Blueprint for Change’ with bar communicators

In the face of changes and challenges that seem to be permanent, how can law school be redesigned to better prepare new lawyers for their new marketplace? And why should bar associations get involved in this discussion? Professor Bill Henderson of Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law shared his plan with attendees at the 2014 NABE Communications Section Workshop, in hopes that they would carry his urgent message back to their bar associations.