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July-August 2014

Vol. 38 No. 6  

Featured Articles

Bias & Discrimination

Holding inclusive events: Accessibility and persons with disabilities

If you’ve planned more than a few bar meetings, maybe you’ve been in the unfortunate position of realizing only too late that your venue or program materials aren’t as accessible as you thought. As one recent case illustrated, a bar association’s good intentions are sometimes not enough. Here, the director of the ABA Commission on Disability Rights explains some barriers you might not have considered before—and how a new online toolkit can help you make sure that everyone’s included.

Practice Technology

Social media for bar leaders: Maximizing its potential through engagement, a personal touch

Most experts now say there’s very little question that bar associations and bar leaders should be active on social media. After all, your members and other constituents have likely already looked for you there. But which platform or platforms should you focus on first, and how can you make the most of this form of communication? Jamie A. Triplin and Courtney Ward-Reichard shared some advice at the 2014 ABA Bar Leadership Institute.