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Vol. 38, No. 3

Life of a Leader: Bar Leader to launch new project

by Marilyn Cavicchia

It’s no secret that there’s a lot to learn along the path to bar presidency. From attending the ABA Bar Leadership Institute in March (You are coming, aren’t you? It’s March 12-14, and the deadline for early registration is January 25.) to sitting down informally with the executive director, incoming leaders live in a state of constant preparation.

Some feel excited during this time. Others feel more nervous the more they learn about the role they’ll soon take on. For most, it’s probably a combination of the two.

This year—and possibly into the next year—Bar Leader plans to follow a few lawyers who are preparing to take the helm at their bar associations. What are they learning? What are they thinking about? How are they feeling? What keeps them up at night? We hope to discover all of that and more. We expect that these updates will be not only interesting, but also informative and useful to other incoming leaders at other bar associations.

It’s often said that the only person who truly understands the rewards and challenges of preparing to be bar president is someone else who is on that same journey. We hope that this Life of a Leader series will give a glimpse of what that transition is like, and some insights and tips that will help incoming leaders at your bar.

You’ll find a Life of a Leader article in each issue, with more frequent updates via Twitter and in a soon-to-be-developed area on the Bar Leader website. In the next issue, we’ll reveal who our Life of a Leader correspondents are, and then we’ll follow them as they get ready for a very big year. We hope you’ll come along, too.