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Vol. 38, No. 3

Affordable Care Act: Where to fill your information prescription

by Robert J. Derocher

Information changes quickly—and often—when it comes to the Affordable Care Act. Knowing where to turn to find accurate and timely details on the complexity of the ACA can be a challenge for solo and small-firm practitioners. It’s also challenging for bar associations themselves to direct their members to knowledgeable sources.

Many bar leaders recommend starting with an insurance broker—either one with which the bar association has a relationship, or through similar professional organizations in the community. Several bars also have up-to-date resource information on their own websites, which often includes lawyers who have worked directly with the ACA. Finding information through state-run health exchanges can range from easy to difficult, they say, since states are taking varying approaches to the program.

Here are some online resources that might help not only members, but also small and medium-size bars with their own ACA-related issues:


  •  — While the website came under heavy criticism during the initial rollout, it has been overhauled at least once, and a former Microsoft Corp. executive has taken charge.
  • — Because many solo and small-firm practitioners—and bar associations themselves—fall into the small business category, this site can be a helpful resource.
  • — The American Society of Association Executives provides regular ACA updates and information that pertain specifically to associations.
  • — The Kaiser Family Foundation offers statistics, resources, analysis, and a host of information, not only about the ACA, but about health and wellness in general.